Tuesday, April 13, 2010

They want us to watch this, right?

Alright let's get something straight. I'm a big Sex and the City fan, and if you're reading my fashion blog, then you are too. Don't deny. The sequel is out in May, and I'll be the one in front of you in line.

But when my homeboy Perez Hilton posted the newest Sex and the City 2 movie poster yesterday, uh, this happened:

And it immediately reminded me of the Birth of Venus by Botecelli:

Don't see it? What about now?

Anyway my point is, I loved the show and I love the movies. But I think these movie posters are doing a disservice to the Carrie Bradshaw that fans know and love.
She isn't the photoshopped Venus born from a sand storm with perfectly coiffed hair.

She's the chick who fell in Dior.

She's the chick who fell on the runway and inspired the phrase "fashion roadkill."

But she's also the flawed girl we'd text for advice or maybe just to ask what she's wearing tonight.

Carrie: "I don't know. It's something about him (Big.) You should see me around him. I'm not like me. I'm like, together Carrie. I wear little outfits: sexy Carrie, and casual Carrie... Sometimes I catch myself actually posing. It's exhausting."

Miranda: "Then stop. Why don't you show him more of this Carrie? She's great."

Oh, and if you can stomach it, did you see their first promo poster?


  1. I am sooo with u on this!
    HUUUGE SATC fan! & will def be in the front of one of those lines the nite it opens!!!
    but yes... the ads seem to have totally lost the essence of the show which we is what we all fell in love w to begin with!
    even so I'm still counting the days! hehe

  2. Omg that first poster was horrid in my opinion. Photoshopped and designed to buggery, it's to ott! I love your comparison with the 2nd poster hahaha made me laugh! I would definatley love to see a different direction taken for these promo posters. Great post


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