Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rambling... rambling...

It was cold when I went out Friday night.

When it's cold, I wear layers of black.
When I wear black, I feel like a depressed emo kid, so I throw on some obnoxiously
bright lipstick.
When I wear obnoxiously bright lipstick, it drives my sister crazy.
Therefore, when it's cold, it drives my sister crazy.

The highlight of my night was the 2a.m. trip to a local diner, where I had the good fortune to share oxygen with this guy:

If I had a frame in the shape of a thumbs up, that's what I'd use for that picture.
And to bring the subject back to fashion, he yelled at me as I was walking away:

"I like your jeans!" (They're shredded.)
"I like your shoes!" (They're cage heels)
"I like your friend's tramp stamp!" (Self explanatory.)

Yeah... So today my sister is drooling over this $72 bag:

It's available for purchase here:

But in the mean time she settled for purchasing the gray boots on the left.
And she got the cuffed heels on the right today in the mail.
The boots available in the sale section of on sale for $49.99 from $128.
The cuffed shoes are available at for $69.95.

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