Friday, April 2, 2010

Gettin' warmer...

So last week was freeeeeeezing. And I had a party to attend, but didn't want to wear winter shtuff. So here's what I came up with <====

tunic: $10 currently in Forever 21. Cardigan: Simply Vera. leggings: Forever 21. Boots: Steve Madden.

How was the party you ask? 'Twas a good time. And no, it wasn't on a black and white checkered bathroom floor.

Now today it decided to warm up so I broke out these puppies (Vince Camuto flats):

Some broad purchased them for herself, decided against them and I bought them off Ebay for $30 with shipping. I'm in lurve.

The Forever 21 skirt I'm wearing is currently available for $19.80 (because that's better than $20 right?) And available here:
It's actually not too short, which I am particular about.
Also, disregard my non tan legs. I live in New England and we don't get
much sun 'round these parts. We also don't use the phrase "'Round these parts," but there that is.

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