Friday, April 30, 2010

These just need their own post.

These lovelies by Lanvin are available here for a modest $1,900.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So hey, like, what were you up to April 22, 1997?

No, really think about it for a moment. I'll even give you some inspirational music from that year:

Let's see. I was probably rehearsing for a play or practicing cheerleading, and driving badly, with my spiffy new license that I didn't yet deserve.

But if you were Tavi Gevinson you were busy being born that day.

And yesterday, I became one of 50,000 readers (Wikipedia's a reliable source right?) who read her blog, The Style Rookie.

(Yeah she took those pictures of herself with a tripod.)

She flips through pages of 90s fashion magazines like they're vintage, and she appreciates Freaks and Geeks, Courtney Love and My Girl movies in the same way I appreciate John Hughes films.

At first I was fascinated because by the age of fourteen, she's already been featured in top magazines, and sits behind Anna Wintour at shows. She mentions going to Marc Jacobs (the show not the store) the same way we mention going to the supermarket. And she blogs about how she's pretending to clean her room while listening to the Pixies. Awesomesauce.

But it turns out she actually deserves to be at those shows.

She's a better writer than most adults I know, she knows more designers than I do, and at age 13 she was blogging about how she was busy hanging a poster of Diane Von Furstenberg on her wall. It doesn't matter if she was being serious or not, because the fact is, she knows who Diane Von Furstenberg is.

This is the poster I had on my wall around that age:

Sigh... Where were we? Oh yeah.

Here's a little slice of what her life is like now:

"Oh not much, just hanging out with Chloe Sevigny, James Franco, and Marc Jacobs backstage at his show; what have you been up to?"

Memoirs of a fashionista

So I read Memoirs of a Geisha last weekend, or should I say I devoured each of the 448 pages written by Arthur Golden, to the point I blew off social events.

In addition to being a good read, the culture and way that they saw beauty was inspiring, so I added items with a modern twist with photos by the movie released in 2005.

1) The Donatella Versace platform shoes are available upon request.
2) The $32 little birch jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters is available here.
3) The japanese cocktail book by Yuri Kato is available for $9.99 from Urban Outfitters here.
4) The $169.95 patio umbrella is available from Pier1 here.
5) The $49.99 teapot is available at here
6) The $20 asian tee shirt is available from here.
7) The $6.99 IPhone skin is available at here.
8) The $1,275 cherry blossom wedding dress is available from here.
9) The $56 jade ring from is available here.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Das my mum

First off, my mum is, and was beautiful.

And for a hot minute in the 1970s she tried her hand at modeling, after a push from some friends. But it was just to make ends meet during the beginning of her career, and she quit as quickly as she began. The only paid work she admitted to was a shaving cream ad, though there were probably more.

Soon she returned her bell bottoms and mini skirts to her best friend, and traded them in for business suits, climbing the ladder of a difficult profession, until she reached a point where most of the staff below her are men.

I remember blushing with pride when I watched men kiss up to her during a bring-your-daughter-to-work-day in the early 1990s.

Later my mother hid her portfolio when she realized I show it to people. And although she claimed it was simply packed away in a bureau used to hold photos, I beat that bureau into submission many times, and it never gave up the goods.

Until this week, when my sister and I saw them for the first time in a decade.

I could not be more proud to post these photos, though when she looks at them she rolls her eyes as if they were nothing more than a letter to santa that she had written as a very young naive girl.

But you have to love a woman who puts so much emphasis on who she is as a woman that she'd almost rather not admit to how beautiful she is on the outside as well.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lazy hazy afternoon

American Eagle dress available here for $30, but it's $25 in the stores. Jessica Simpson shoes, Anne Taylor cardigan.

So this was the first post where I've shown my face. I figured it would happen sooner or later and you're all pretty nice. I'd also like to thank Cosmic Caroline for adding me to her blog reel.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rachel squared

Rachel Zoe, who is a style icon herself, blogged on fabsugar recently about her style icons.

She credited Carine Roitfeld, Bianca Jagger, Brigitte Bardot, Peggy Lipton and Marianne Faithfull as being her style inspiration.

Although Bridgitt Bardot was the only one who I immediately recognized, the rest oozed laid back style of the '70s, with a little glam thrown in for kicks.

But it inspired me to credit my style inspiration, Miss Rachel Bilson. Here are a few items that I'd like to um... lighten from her closet.

And I'm sorry but her Chloe Marcie satchel from the last pic needs it's own picture.

It's available for $1,595 at Nordstrom here but I'm kind of waiting for sketchy designers to rip it off.

Don't mess with dis necklace

Don't hate.

Or if you must, at least have the tiny manpower to back it up.

If you're looking to add some bling to your tiny fists of fury, make like my sister and buy this fabulous necklace from etsy. She's posing with her dog Ernie, who I plan to make my blog superstar.

Brass knucks are a girl's best friend. They're all under $12, about a half inch long, and there are more styles than are even necessary.

Etsy's site

Oh I'd also like to thank designer Donna Morgan for the shout out on her facebook page. She designed the dress in my Stroll Through Nordstrom post.

Donna Morgan's facebook page

Monday, April 19, 2010

A stroll through Nordstrom

Vera Wang lavender label shoes $325.
Donna Morgan dress $138.
Assorted headbands $38.
Jimmy Choo satchel $1,495.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Easy Being Green

Sunnies: F21, Skirt: NY&CO, Tee: Anne Taylor, Scarf: JCrew, Boots: Jessica Simpson, Bag: Coach.

And speaking of green... did you know that OPI nailpolish just teamed up with Dreamworks Animations' Shrek? And they're not advertising that ish on Disney or in coloring books. This ad was in the most recent InStyle.

And now some Fauxliage for your listening pleasure:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Work work lunch work

Cardigan: Ralph Lauren, Tank: H&M, Belt: Charlotte Russe, Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction, Wallet: Expressions NYC, Flats: Vince Camuto (Some photos contributed by Dana Forsythe.)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Das What Obama and Steven Hyde Said

Hey did you know our prez is fun-nay?

Neither did I. But I did kind of suspect he might be the kind of president who busts out with the robot behind the closed doors of the oval office.

So yesterday Obama's official facebook page, which he frequently updates himself, released their new commemorative health care reform tee shirt. It was selected by thousands of voters:

In case you didn't catch the news March 23 when the bill was approved, vice prez Joe Biden leaned in and whispered that the bill was a "Big F&%$#& Deal." And whether you're a lefty or a righty, you have to applaud Obama's ability to laugh off the controversy.

Unfortunatly these government officials aren't really selling me on the design. So I figured we could help them out a little:

(Images by Vogue)

Or perhaps a runway show is in order:

But on a different note all together, Danny Masterson, AKA Steven Hyde from That 70s Show, has recently been added as a guest blogger for the cutting edge fashion site Confederacy. Check it out:

He's an actor, and a DJ, and now I guess he's a fashionista.

But don't worry, I already know what you are thinking, and I'm all over it:

(And also I'd like to thank the amazing Budget Babe for her twitter shout out and email advice yesterday. Her site is one of my faves: and her twitter page has nearly 3,000 followers:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

They want us to watch this, right?

Alright let's get something straight. I'm a big Sex and the City fan, and if you're reading my fashion blog, then you are too. Don't deny. The sequel is out in May, and I'll be the one in front of you in line.

But when my homeboy Perez Hilton posted the newest Sex and the City 2 movie poster yesterday, uh, this happened:

And it immediately reminded me of the Birth of Venus by Botecelli:

Don't see it? What about now?

Anyway my point is, I loved the show and I love the movies. But I think these movie posters are doing a disservice to the Carrie Bradshaw that fans know and love.
She isn't the photoshopped Venus born from a sand storm with perfectly coiffed hair.

She's the chick who fell in Dior.

She's the chick who fell on the runway and inspired the phrase "fashion roadkill."

But she's also the flawed girl we'd text for advice or maybe just to ask what she's wearing tonight.

Carrie: "I don't know. It's something about him (Big.) You should see me around him. I'm not like me. I'm like, together Carrie. I wear little outfits: sexy Carrie, and casual Carrie... Sometimes I catch myself actually posing. It's exhausting."

Miranda: "Then stop. Why don't you show him more of this Carrie? She's great."

Oh, and if you can stomach it, did you see their first promo poster?

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