Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Das What Obama and Steven Hyde Said

Hey did you know our prez is fun-nay?

Neither did I. But I did kind of suspect he might be the kind of president who busts out with the robot behind the closed doors of the oval office.

So yesterday Obama's official facebook page, which he frequently updates himself, released their new commemorative health care reform tee shirt. It was selected by thousands of voters:

In case you didn't catch the news March 23 when the bill was approved, vice prez Joe Biden leaned in and whispered that the bill was a "Big F&%$#& Deal." And whether you're a lefty or a righty, you have to applaud Obama's ability to laugh off the controversy.

Unfortunatly these government officials aren't really selling me on the design. So I figured we could help them out a little:

(Images by Vogue)

Or perhaps a runway show is in order:

But on a different note all together, Danny Masterson, AKA Steven Hyde from That 70s Show, has recently been added as a guest blogger for the cutting edge fashion site Confederacy. Check it out:

He's an actor, and a DJ, and now I guess he's a fashionista.

But don't worry, I already know what you are thinking, and I'm all over it:

(And also I'd like to thank the amazing Budget Babe for her twitter shout out and email advice yesterday. Her site is one of my faves: and her twitter page has nearly 3,000 followers:

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