Thursday, May 27, 2010

When a hobby backfires...

Yesterday I had some time to kill, so I went shopping at Harvard Square in Boston. Urban Outfitters didn't have anything I couldn't live without, so I dipped into a couple surrounding high end stores, one of which seemed my style.

It was mostly floral tanks and dresses, each over $120 and made out of cotton, with some high end trendy shoes, averaging at $200.

I took a picture of these because I thought you peeps may be amused by them:

The fact that I was taking a picture of a shoe interested the shop girl so I explained that I run a fashion blog. She told me that the shoe was a rip off of a boot Alaxa Chung made famous, and after she wore it, the $200 knockoffs sold out immediately.

She asked me if I knew who Alexa Chung was, and I asked if she was that "wicked skinny chick who always wears a fadora." But that's like asking, "oh, do you mean that dude who wears jeans sometimes and has shoulders?" I was being safe.

But in my mind I was picturing this chick, and note that she's wearing a fadora:

Turns out I was right about who Alexa Chung was. But the interesting part was, the other girl who worked at the store was sitting on the floor sorting goods and I heard her laugh at me for not knowing who Alexa Chung was, especially since I have a fashion blog. It was mean. And unecessary. And it got me thinking.

I think some people use fashion in the wrong way.

To me, it's something beautiful, an art that should be shared. I'm just as obsessed with sharing music from talented musicians as I am about sharing fashion from talented designers. I don't use it to think I'm better than anyone else and I would never be mean to someone because of how they're dressed, or because they don't know who Alexa Chung is.

I was quick to point out that the designer who made the high end boots in her store had in fact designed the sandals I was wearing (from ebay). I shouldn't need to defend myself to some shop girl, but I felt on the defense.

And the thing is, it was the second time this week where I noticed that fashion, which I just consider just a hobby, has backfired. I wore a cute outfit last week to Boston and my male friend told me that if he saw a girl wearing my outfit in the bar, even if he thought she was cute, he wouldn't approach her because she'd be too "high maintenance" and probably not a nice person.

That interested me because well first of all, I dress for myself, not men. I like pretty colors and nice fabrics and things that are fun to wear. But I'm by no means high maintenance. I like turkey burgers and Michelob Ultra beer. And if I was stranded on an island, LOST style, I wouldn't miss my high heels and I would get dirty and probably figure out how to make a boat.

So what are your thoughts on this? That I should shudup and do an outfit post?

Mimi Chica tank, Gap jeans, Aldo shoes, Anne Taylor cardigan, Rough Roses belt.


  1. I fracking love that tank top, but you already know that. You know my day began with a fashion disaster, so i'm going to skip commenting on the remarks of idiots and move along... I'd like to see pics of the high maintenance outfit, please. And I want to play 20 questions about who said it!


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