Monday, May 31, 2010

More than parades and BBQs...

Just a little reminder about what Memorial Day is really about:

That video gets me every time.

Now what I wore this weekend:

This dress, which I think has just a little magic to it, is only $19.90 at H&M. Here's the store catalog with other ways to wear stripes:

So what was your favorite fashion moment of Sex and the City 2? Mine was when she was sauntering on the sand under the umbrella in the orange Halston dress. I couldn't find a picture of that, but here's a close up of the dress, which is $895 at Saks Fifth Avenue. (Warner Brothers photograph)


  1. Love stripes and ANYTHING H&M

  2. Awww that video was SOOO CUTTEEE! Thanks for posting that!

    Stacey Kay


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