Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Afternoons are for...

learning new songs on the guitar...

cuddling with Ernie...

hanging out with my Guess model-esque twin sister...

and reading as many September issues as my vision can handle.

Oh Lucky Magazine. How. HOW did you manage to make Jessica Simpson look like a soccer mom in clothes that cost an upwards of $300 per item? (I checked.)

Blazers are fine, but don't put them with a collared shirt, jeans and earrings plucked from 1994. On her behalf, I submit how she should have been captured:

I mean, seriously Lucky. I did a better job capturing my sister with my cell phone.


  1. Totally agree w/ u re jess simpson.


  2. Your nails look so pretty.

    I don't see the September issue of Vogue in your collection, did you not pick that one up? It's amazing!

  3. lol your comment about JS on the cover of Lucky mag so true. Gorgeous pictures xoxo

  4. love the pics of jessica simpson she is gorge and your nail varnish colour is fab xxxx


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