Friday, July 23, 2010

I see you....

These miniature glasses necklaces are super cute, and cost $1.50 at Forever 21.

I got the silver one and I like to lift it up and look through it when I'm making an important point.

They also tie in really nicely with my then geeks took over the world blog post.


  1. I can't wait for Forever21 opening in India..

  2. the pink stone necklace has got to be AK Anne Klein is it not? LOVE!

  3. These necklaces are so cute. I totally missed them when I was at Forever 21 the other day! I'll need to make another trip.

  4. hmm, I might have to go to F21 right now. Anthro had a necklace just like that but for like $50, of course.

    anna jane

  5. I have a monocle necklace that I often find myself peering through...these are so fun! Gotta love F21's prices.

    xoxo, Ashley


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