Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tom girl

With the Patriots in the Superbowl, I was on the hunt this week for the perfect Patriots t shirt. There were a ton of tees meant for girls that fit the "pink hat" category, but I managed to find a great one in a men's small, and after bringing it home, I immediately cut the crew neck off, and shortened the waist.  But I wanted to show how to make the waist fit using a men's tee when there are no smalls available.  So I cut up an old men's Bruins tee and created a draw string pull in the back.

Hey is that a table cloth? Nope... It's a "shirt."

Put the "shirt" on and pinch the fabric together on your back, at your waist. Make dots where the material should touch.

I cut off names, because I don't know who the heck any of them are. Cut the neck small; it stretches larger than you'd imagine..

Save the layer that you cut off the back.  You'll use it to tie the back.

Make two folds and cut REALLY TINY holes where it will lace.  The holes stretch huge.

Lace that stuff that you cut off the neck down the corset you created on your back. You could also use shoe lace, which is "sporty." Whatever that is...

Suddenly you're incredibly, incredibly good looking.

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  1. a great tip!



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