Friday, October 1, 2010

Rules are meant to be broken

This pretty little picture below caused quite a bit of controversy amongst me and one of my BFFs:

After sending it to her on my cell, our text convo went as follows:

DAS ME:     "This picture makes me want to wear socks and open toed shoes every day."

DAS HER:  "Socks and open toe are a horror."

DAS ME:   "U and I differ on that. But I used to feel the same way. Ps where's my sluTty FB pic."

But do you know what the difference is between me and her?  I have a fashion blog to state my case:

(Alright, I left in a few closed-toed shoes that I thought were pretty too...)


  1. OMG my eyes are blind after looking at these p;ics.. all shoes and bags...:( ..

    peep toes on socks looks fab. it's a fact tat everyone may not be able to pull it off !!


  2. I think you're right. You can definitely pull off wearing heels/wedges with socks if you do it right! GREAT post!

  3. I used to think this look was the epitome of geek, but this season it is everywhere and I have given in! Love it.

  4. I do like socks with shoes but I wonder if I can pull it off.

  5. Great shoes :) Happy I found your blog!


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